Manuscript preparation


Manuscripts must describe original work that has neither been published before, nor is currently under review elsewhere. Papers must be written in English and should not exceed fifteen pages (including title, figures, and references) in the required layout (see below).


Short papers and extended abstracts on work in progress are both of the same format. Short papers and extended abstracts must be written in English and should not exceed six pages (including title, figures, and references) in the requested LIPIcs layout. In addition, each submission must have a subtitle, which is either Short Paper or Extended Abstract. 


The layout of any submission to GIScience, whether full paper, short paper or extended abstract, should follow the sample article provided by LIPIcs ( LIPIcs also provides a LaTeX class and template for papers ( Note: the template has been recently updated. Please make sure you use the updated template. The guide above contains steps to convert from LIPICSv2016 to 2018.

Authors unfamiliar with LaTeX, but keen to try, are highly encouraged to use Overleaf (, an online LaTeX editor that is easy to use and does not require any local installation. Overleaf comes with the LIPIcs class and template pre-loaded (, so you can immediately start typing. Overleaf is also a collaborative writing tool, allowing multiple authors to work on their paper concurrently.

Authors who want to use other text editors should stay close to the sample article’s layout for their paper submitted for review. Should their papers be accepted for publication, they have to be converted to LaTeX using the LIPIcs LaTeX class and template. Authors are responsible for the conversion of their papers to LaTeX. We are currently making an arrangement with a commercial conversion service to provide you a one-stop solution if you do not want to do the conversion yourself ( This company is informed about the conference’s needs and the required LIPIcs class, and offers an academic discount.


Submission for review. First submissions (for review) should be provided in PDF format through the conference website on Easychair (

 Final submission. The accepted and revised papers must also be submitted through the Easychair website (, but now as a zipped, complete LaTeX project, including all tex source files, figures in jpg or png, a bib file (alternatively, a bibliography section included in the tex file), and a pdf, all camera-ready.

Publication. In order for an accepted paper to be published in the conference proceedings (full papers, short papers) or included in the conference program (extended abstracts), at least one of the paper authors has to register by the author registration deadline above.