Next generation 3D city models for Smart Cities

Examples of legal volumes in the Delft case: (a) seven different sub volumes forming one legal volume; (b) one complex legal volume that has been triangulated.
Cities are collecting huge amounts of urban data to supply information that is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. 3D city models are often considered as the backbone of these so called “Smart Cities”. They provide the spatial information infrastructure for integrating data on for instance noise, energy, air pollution, mobility, and temperature, and they help practitioners making the best decisions related to sustainable city design, management and planning. Recent developments have made it possible to automatically reconstruct 3D city models rather easy and indeed use them in the fields of city planning and environmental simulations. However, I argue that 3D city models are currently not exploited to their full potential, due to remaining challenges in the domain of 3D geoinformation technology (apart from institutional and organisational challenges). The presentation will address the reasons behind this underuse of 3D city models, and will highlight the challenges of next generation 3D city models so that they can indeed fulfil their backbone role for future cities

About the Keynote Speaker

Jantien is full professor in Spatial Data Infrastructure, at the Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment and leading the 3D GeoInformation group at the Department of Urbanism. She obtained her PhD degree (3D Cadastre) in 2004. Jantien combines her professorship with jobs as researcher at both the Kadaster and Geonovum. She is leader of the 3D Special Interest Group of the European Spatial Data Research commission. Since March 2015, Jantien is vice-chair of the OGC 3D Information Management Domain Working Group (OGC 3DIM DWG). In December 2016, she became Principal Investigator at the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. For her research on 5D data modelling, Jantien received the prestigious Vidi grant of the Netherlands Scientific Foundation (NWO) in 2010. In 2016, she received a Personal Grant from the European Research Council for her proposal Urban Modelling in higher dimensions (ERC). Jantien is (co)author of over 350 academic and professional articles and her work received attention from national media.