Day 1 Photos: GIScience Workshop Breaks

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Playlist and tips for the plane

As many of you are preparing for your upcoming travels to Australia, you might be interested to explore some Australian music for your trip. The Spotify GIScience2018 playlist contains a range of my favourite Australia musicians, some well-known, most less so, and at least some of whom I’m certain you won’t have come across before.

And here’s a few tips for those of you on long-haul flights:

  • Drink lots of water: Most people find planes dehydrating, so I recommend taking a drinking bottle with you. Some airports require you to carry no liquids on to the plane. However, you can always ask a flight attendant to fill your bottle once on-board.
  • Get some sleep: Some people find it hard to sleep on planes, but it is definitely worth trying. Most regular long-haul travellers make a point of getting some good sleep, it makes jet lag much less severe.
  • Stay warm: Planes can get chilly during the night, so take something warm in your hand luggage to put on when you need it. You can also ask flight attendant for an extra blanket.

Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne.