Introducing our student helpers! Helpers will be wearing orange shirts so you can easily spot them during the conference.

Alex Wycherley - Currently completing a masters in Geospatial Science at RMIT, having come from a professional background in the humanitarian sector. Particularly interested in the applications and possibilities of GIS for population studies, health, and community development. Yaguang Tao - RMIT PHD candidate in Geospatial Science, specialised movement data analytics and checkpoint-based movement data modelling.
Rachel Sun - Rachel, an exchange undergraduate from China, is now doing Geospatial Science in RMIT Uni. She's a beginner but willing to learn, an outgoing girl and willing to help. Adaeze Obiageli Aniefuna - Adaeze Aniefuna holds a Bachelor in Geology and just completed her Master's program in Geospatial Science. She is a good listener and a good communicator. Through her stay in school, she has acquired experience using the ArcGIS software and creating maps.
Huy Trung Nguyen - I am a PhD student in Geospatial Sciences. Attending the conference as a volunteer is a great opportunity to me to gain some new experiences and knowledge. Ivan Majic - I am a 2nd year PhD student at The University of Melbourne, Geomatics group. I am working on automated error detection in map databases, and am interested in all things spatial - especially spatial databases and computation.
Michelle Chong - I'm Michelle Chong. I am currently on my 2nd year studying Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) in RMIT University. I am interested in GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Satellite imagery. As a student, my goal in the future is to master in the application of Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing for Disaster Management. Bradley Denney - I’m Brad! I study Geospatial science at RMIT, and enjoy the design aspects of cartography. I hope to meet some people from all over the world at this conference!
Ian Hawkins - Final Year RMIT Postgrad GIS student Kaustuv Dahal - I have recently started my Masters in Geospatial Science at RMIT. GIScience Conference is a great opportunity for me to learn about progress and innovations in the Geospatial sector.
Debjit Bhowmick - I am a PhD candidate at the Dept. of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne. I am working in the field of Geomatics under Prof. Stephan Winter. I have a year of experience in working as a Transport Planner with Jacobs. Steve Pemberton - I'm studying GIS at RMIT, after a past life as a corporate lawyer. I'm particularly interested in public transport planning, sustainability and the application of open source solutions.
Ziyue Wang - I am Ziyue, an exchange student from China, and study in Geospatial Science in RMIT now. I am interested in spatial data analysis and remote sensing. GIScience Conference is a great chance for me to help others and let me have deeper understanding of my major. Chithrangani Rathnayake - I am a postgraduate research student in Geospatial Science at RMIT. It is a great pleasure to work as a volunteer for the success of the 10th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2018).
David Amores - David is a PhD Candidate at the University of Melbourne. He works on optimisation methods for building evacuations based on usability, cognition and navigability. Ehsan Hamzei - I am a second-year PhD student at university of Melbourne. I am working under supervision of Prof. Winter, and Dr. Tomko. My research interest is in the scope of formalising platial information.
Nur Atiqah Binte Mohd Ali - Passionate about Geomatics Technology. An aspiring analyst that strives towards a better understanding of the world and the inner workings of it. Catherine Lee - I'm Catherine, currently undertaking a Masters degree is Geospatial science at RMIT. I am looking forward to broadening my knowledge of GIScience, as a volunteer at the conference.
Nenad Radosevic - A PhD student in Geospatial Sciences at RMIT University. Nenad’s research is focusing on development of a decision-making tool to assist users in managing and reducing uncertainty related to parameter settings in environmental models. He is looking forward to help with organising the conference. Ahmad Fallatah - Ahmad is a PhD candidate at the Geospatial Department. His research interest is mapping and monitoring informal settlements in The Middle East environment using VHR imagery and an object-based technique and a machine learning approach.
Percy Yvon Rakoto - Percy is an environmental spatial analyst with an interdisciplinary background in natural resource management and agricultural sciences. He is a masters student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2018-2019). His prospective research focuses on food security, desertification and their impacts on urban landscape. Gordana Arnaut - Currently studying at RMIT, Master of Applied Science (Geospatial Information). Being a part of the organisation of the GIS Conference 2018 in Melbourne I consider as an exceptional privilege.
Adi Litidamu Ian Darmawan
Hilda Poloso - My Name is Hilda Poloso, I am a year 2 student studying in RMIT university doing Bachelor of Environmental science and one of my Minor is Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). I have always wanted to volunteer and hope this would be a good experience. I like helping and organising things. Oscar So - An undergraduate 2nd year student studying Geospatial Science. The volunteer most likely to ask the most questions as well.
Alec Voang - Alex is a 4th year Geospatial / Surveying student.